Why Ultrium LTO 6 tape media technology is an ultimate solution for archiving and backup?

The information being generated by corporations has been increasing tremendously since the days of yore. This development has brought along a list of other challenges as well which is to be addressed by the data management solution providers who have also been striving to manage, retain and safeguard the data volumes being generated today. Therefore, it is being said according to the white paper of Quantum “Why organizations need ultrium LTO 6 tape media technology today?” that the new Ultrium LTO 6 tape media technology has the capacity and ability to address these needs of the business world today.

Ultrium LTO 6 tape media technology
Ultrium LTO 6 tape media technology
  • Firstly, storage and archiving demand has been revving up continuously. According to an article in the News Today Digest, the disk storage systems capacity shipped has reached 6,667 PB which indicates that the disk volume is burgeoning; therefore, data tapes should also be digitally expanding in order to store this much amount of data for backup and archiving purposes and that is what happening due to the intermittent advancement in the tape drive technologies, Ultrium LTO 6 tape media technology is one of them.
  • Moreover, companies use disks for short term retention of data whilst for the longer run they rely on tape drives. When companies opt out for tiered storage then they tend to migrate the data on appropriate storage media progressively based on the price or performance. Even in that situation too, tape levitates as a best option among the alternatives.
  •  Apart from that there are also few mandatory and detailed mandates by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which requires the company to retain data for a longer time period e.g. 7 years in order to satisfy certain tax related and financial rules, regulations, analysis and operations during the audit process.

Further on, it could be said that despite of all the advancements and improvements in the storage industry tape drives still hold their mark in the face of the whole industry. The new Ultrium LTO 6 tape media technology and the anticipated LTO’s generations are being said to further seal that mark. But what do you think, would the next generations of LTO tape drives be more compelling and raving about technologies than cloud storage?

For further queries regarding LTO 6, you can visit the ODSI site in order to aid your comprehension.

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