How to Use KVM Switch for Multiple Computers

How to Use KVM Switch for Multiple Computers

If you are a network administrator and handling many computers OR if you have multiple computers in use at home, then it might be some time annoying to manually go and configure each system. To make your work easy, KVM switch must be used.

KVM switch stands for Keyboard, video and mouse. KVM switch allows you to manage and configure multiple computers through the switch. KVM switches available in market support up to 64 computers.

KVM Switch
Using KVM Switch

There are many types of KVM switches. For some of KVM switches we only require cat5 cable to connect computer with switch, but for some switches we require to connect VGA, keyboard and mouse cable with switch. Keyboard and mouse can be connected with PS/2 connector OR with USB connector.

For connecting multiple computers with KVM switch, you need to follow these steps:

1. Decide the number of computers you need to connect with switch.

2. Get the required switch, before purchasing switch you need to finalize the connectivity method. Either you want to connect via cat5 cable or with VGA, keyboard and mouse cables.

3. Get the required cables for connecting computers with switch.

4. Most of the KVM switches are compatible with every operating system installed in the computers. You should check the compatibility of switch with operating systems.

5. Now you need to install software required to access computers through switch in the computers.

6. If you are going to connect computer with switch via VGA, keyboard and mouse. Connect the keyboard and mouse with PS/2 cable to switch under the specific computer’s attachment ports. Connect the VGA cable also.

7. Repeat step no. 6 for each computer that is required to connect with switch.

8. Connect keyboard, mouse and monitor with switch to access all computers.


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