Top Advantages of Data Tapes over Substitutes

The world is raving about various alternatives of data storage and backups. There’s a humongous stir going around about cloud storage as well but despite of all these baffling happenings, one can simply not deny the importance and continuous contribution of data tapes in fulfilling the needs of commercial business world. The idiosyncrasy of tape is its ability to pertain larger sets of data at relatively lower costs. That is the reason why even today’s most-talked-about storage technologies and applications have been using this inherent tape drives to store larger sets of data in a network based environment. Hence, the kingship of data tapes is still prevalent in the market with all its highness.

Data Tapes
Data Tapes

The reasons behind tape drive being always a lucrative option is as follows:

  • Cost Effective:

Tapes are comparatively cost effective than disks and virtual libraries at the startling rate of 15times and 5 times respectively.

  • Easy Management:

Tape drives are relatively easier to manage. Your one administrator can manage 100 TB and multiple PB of data on one tape drive without any intrusions.

  • Reliability:

Data tapes are said to be more reliable and you also exert more control on a tape enclosed data than any other alternative. NERSC even second that by reporting, automated tapes have reliability of more than five 9’s.

  • Storage Capacity:

Tape provides more storage capacity both in native and compressed forms. The storage capacity is intermittently revving up due to advancement in technologies and effective usage of R&D budgets by the respective companies.

  • Network Attached Storage Function:

Tape drives provide another striking feature which is, it can be used as a NAS function and enhance usability and ease factors for corporations.

  • Long Lasting Record-keeping of Data:

You can store and archive data on tape drives for longer time periods which would stay there the way it was entered in. Hence, tape drives are considered to be an importance consideration for companies who are dealing with humongous amounts of data on frequent basis.

  • Tape Storage is Industry Norm:

According to the survey conducted by Gartner in 2011, 78% respondent enterprises use D2T or D2D2T sequence for storing data on tape drives.

Recapitulating, it is due to the above mentioned critical features of data tapes that companies do not think of switching completely to other substitutes. Tapes were there in the market, they are still here and is said to be here even in the future due to continuous enhancement in tape drive mechanisms. You can get all the commonly used tape drives from data tapes section of ODSI.
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