The Cloud Storage and Its Hidden Glitches

The cloud technology has taken the world by storm; it had to due to the further enhancement in the convenience level of users. On one end where cloud storage has come up as a compelling features for business, and juxtaposed to this, hidden costs of glitches and anomalies are also revving up and so as, cannot be overlooked by the enterprises today.

Cloud Storage and Its Hidden Glitches
Hidden Glitches in The Cloud Storage

According to a recent article Hidden Costs of Cloud Storage Computing which was published by The Forbes; the author states the glitches of cloud storage and the follow up costs leading towards a heap of undeniable costs that a firm’s cost center might have to bear if thing are not working in its ways. Quoting the survey conducted by the author, 78% CIO’s actually concerns about hidden costs of the cloud. The most common costs that businesses bear in respond the survey are as follows:


  1.  64% respondents reported that performance bottlenecks lead towards dissatisfaction and unpleasant end user-experience
  2. Poorly executed and used cloud service can stigmatize your brand image which is really tough to recover – says 51% respondents
  3.  Loss of revenue due to poor availability of information to the stakeholders impede performance- responded 44 percent
  4. Cloud is subject to complex problems whenever they occur; therefore, more cost is usually incurred to make a way out of it – 35 percent responded
  5. You have to put in extra effort to manage vendors and service level agreements – says 23 percent

On one end where companies are concerned about hidden glitches of the cloud storage similarly on the other end, data tapes and tape drives turn up as a lucrative option for such enterprises because you would have more control on your data which later, can be used in the way you like.
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