Get on Low Rates: Tandberg RDX-8586 Data Disk Cartridges

Get on Low Rates: Tandberg RDX-8586 Data Disk Cartridges


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RDX -The solution for all your storage needs

Available in 320GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1 TB, 1.5TB and 2 TB storage capacities. These cartridges are tested to meet the needs of small and medium workgroups using a single server.

Over 500,000 companies now use RDX cartridges for their storage and backup needs.

These cartridges cost more up front than other media tapes, but offer long archival life and do not require replacement over time, which makes them cheaper in the long run in.

Fast speed backups just like hard drives and restoration of your critical data in few seconds with super-fast USB 3.0.

Backup process is also very easy. Just drag and drop files via Mac OS X Finder or Windows. Cartridges should not be removed while backups are in process or scheduled. Staff can safely run local backups and rotate media without specialist skills or training.

RDX cartridges are very durable and offer up to 5,000 load/unload insertion and a long 10 year archival life. These cartridges are 100 times more durable than DAT cartridges and can be taken off-site for archiving, data transfer or disaster recovery.


RDX Backup with media rotation

RDX Cartridge

Internal buffers are provided to protect cartridges against harsh treatment. In durability tests, RDX cartridges achieved 97% drop test survival rate compared to 0% for ordinary USB drives.

Unlike DAT or other media tapes, the durable enhanced design of RDX cartridges makes it dust and static proof. It has a sealed interface so dust and debris can’t get in. Plus, there is no media or drive wear during operation, so no cleaning cartridges required either!

The complete compatibility of RDX cartridges protects your investment and ensures that today’s hardware will work seamlessly with next generation products.


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