Review of Maxell 183850 LTO 2 Data Tape

LTO Ultrium 2 generation entered the data storage market in 2003 after two years of the first breakthrough LTO technology. The main focus of LTO tape format has always been, primarily, on high volume and high speed. LTO Ultrium 2 data cartridge was the successor of LTO 1 tape; hence, it was enriched with more advanced features. When it comes to Maxell LTO data backup tapes then it could be said that Maxell183850 LTO 2 backup tape is designed robustly after having incorporated all the advanced features of LTO 2 Ultrium data cartridges.

LTO 2 Maxell 183850
LTO 2 Maxell 183850


The important features of Maxell LTO-2 Tape 183850 are as follows:

  • Storage capacity is 200/400 GB native and compressed respectively
  • Data transfer speed is 20/40 MB/s native and 40/80 MB/s compressed
  • Data archival life of 30+ years
  • Robust design due to PEN based technology
  • Backward compatibility with LTO 1 data backup tape
  • Forward compatibility with LTO 3 data backup tape
  • Highly reliable and stable in both standalone and automated environments
  • Allows easier barcode scanning
  • Ensures reduction in error rates which in turn leads to higher durability and signal to noise ratio


If we specifically look at the attributes of Maxell LTO Ultrium 2 tape then we will get-to-know that:

  • The higher shelf life and the ability to stabilize high density recording at low operational cost is due to the usage of polythene naphtha late base film
  • 183850 incorporated 4KB memory chip cards also known as LTO-CM which helps n enabling fast searching and fast tracking which, again, adds to the reliability and stability
  • Ceramic coating has been used in Maxell LTO 2 Ultrium tapes which enhances the durability
  • Outer and inner shells protect the LTO 2 data tape from mishandling, ecological impacts and harsh treatments

Technical Specifications

Product Name

Maxell LTO 183850 LTO 2 Tape Media

Product Type

Data Cartridge

Model / Tape Technology

LTO Ultrium 2

Native Storage Capacity

200 GB

Compressed Storage Capacity

400 GB

Native Transfer Speed

20-40 MB/s

Compressed Transfer Speed

40-80 MB/s

Tape Length

1998 ft

Tape Width

12.65 mm

Tape Thickness


Cartridge Dimensions

4.0″ x 4.1″ x .8″ (102.0mm x 105.4mm x 21.5mm)

Cartridge Color


Archival Life

30+ Years

Bottom line

Fits in All Shoes

The applications of LTO 2 Maxell 183850 data cartridge can be felt:

  • In entry level departmental servers as well as complex enterprise class storage area networks
  • Good to use for server backup, restore, data storage and Archiving
  • Another useful application of LTO 183850 is in library automation

Data Sheet

Click here to see the data of Maxell 183850 LTO 2 data tape

Product Availability

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