Review of Cisco 2951 k9 Integrated Services (ISR) Router

The Cisco 2951 k9 Integrated Service Router (ISR) of 2900 series is an integral member of the globally renowned Cisco routers. The 2951 ISR Cisco router deploys advanced services to any small to medium scale office around the world. The in-depth review of the Cisco router 2951 ISR is as follows:


The Cisco 2951 Integrated Service Router has some key features which are as follows:

  • 3 integrated Ethernet ports (10/100/1000) where 1 port is configured to give either SVP or Rj-45 connectivity
  • 2 service module slots
  • 4 enhanced high-speed WAN interface card slots
  • 3 onboard DSP slots
  • 1 internal service module slot for application services
  • Finally the 2951 ISR also provides fully integrated power distribution to modules supporting 802.3af Power over Ethernet and Cisco Enhanced Power over Ethernet
    Cisco 2951 Router
    Cisco 2951 Router


The security on this particular ISR is quite solid. Apart from the Cisco IOS Firewall and the Cisco IOS IPS the Cisco 2951 ISR also provides intrusion prevention and on board encryption acceleration for IP sack. The 2951 ISR also comes with Cisco cloud web security and has hardware-accelerated VPN encryption. The 2951 ISR also provides secure collaborative communication with Group Encrypted Transport, Dynamic Multipoint and Enhanced Easy VPN.


The Cisco 2951 ISR handles both wired and wireless communication and services. However, the key attributes of are:

  • Secure data – highly advanced security is another key attribute of this ISR and sets it apart from the ISR series
  • Striking voice and video services
  • 2951 ISR also advances network services and provides ports for Application services


The pros of Cisco 2951 router of the Cisco 2900 series are striking yet not without few noticeable cons. Both pros and cons of the reviewed product have been given below:

  • Firstly, the Cisco 2951 ISR has more features and is better in performance than the other 3 in the series such as 2901, 2911 and 2921.
  • It is also for the new technologies and built for the future; hence, better than the generation 1 ISR 800, 1800, 2800 and 3800 series.
  • The 2951 k9 ISR supports modular interfaces and contains a Network Module Slot that offers added services in higher density interfaces.
  • The 2951 provides unified communication which includes connection to the public telephone network and integrated voice mails.
  • Adding to the fact that the 2951 ISR provides advanced services with low operational cost makes this ISR ideal for small to medium-sized offices.
  • Icing on the cake, it comes with a Gigabit LAN and a mountable rack.
  • The biggest drawback of the Cisco 2951 ISR is, it is not as advanced and as much feature packed as the Cisco router 3900 ISR series.
  • Further, it takes a large bite out of the internal memory. According to certain trafficking tests that were performed the CPU usage goes to 15% if a full twist is pumped and as such when a second full twist is pumped the Cisco 2951 stumbled from the lack of memory.


Ease of Use

The Cisco 2951 ISR once has gotten accustomed to can be used with an absolute ease and comfort, according to the numerous guides and support available.

Bottom Line

“Best for small and medium-sized businesses”

In the end, the compatibility and utility of the Cisco 2951 router depends upon the size of an office, its branches and its locations. For small to medium-sized branch offices the best ISR would be the Cisco 2951 ISR but for very small businesses the generation 1 ISR 800 or 1800 series would be better. As for extremely large businesses and offices it would be better to consider the Cisco 3900 ISR series. Overall I believe that the pros of the Cisco 2951 k9 ISR outnumber the cons and are also negligible for any small to medium-sized office.

Data Sheet

Data sheet of Cisco Router 2900 series

Product Availability

The product Cisco router 2951 k9 is available at ODSI – Online Digital Solutions, UK at cost-effective rates along with other additional features. Moreover, feel free to contact ODSI for further information about the product under review.

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