The Relationship between Data Security and Data Backup


One might think that data security and data backup are two completely different concepts and as such should not have any kind of relation to one another. This is a wrong assumption. To clear the misunderstanding let us first keep an open mind and approach this objectively.


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What do we mean by Data Security?

Data security is as the name suggests, ways to secure your important data from harm. This harm can be in the form of hackers, viruses and other malicious software. Firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and other such software are what pop into mind when someone thinks about security from these threats. In their eagerness to employ such techniques, many people attribute firewalls and intrusion prevention systems as the true essence of data security.

People tend to forget that the reason they were em

ploying such techniques was to secure their data from harm. Thus the meaning of data security can properly mean the securing of your data from harm. The concept of firewalls and Intrusion prevention systems are just tools to ensure that these security needs are met. Keep this difference in mind, while we move onto the concept of Data Backup.

What do we mean by Data Backup?

The concept of data storage is different from data backup. Data storage is just storing your data in a place for use later on. When you save your important files on a USB for transport or store it onto a drive on a computer then you are employing data storage.

The concept of data backup is different from normal storage as it involves making a copy of all your important files for safe keeping. This backed up data is usually not accessed on a regular basis but instead kept in a safe place in the event the original files are lost. Now that we have cleared up the differences between the two, let us look at the relationship between the two.

Relationship Between Backup and Security

Recall that data security means the securing of you information from harm while backup means having a copy of your data secured in a safe place in case of an emergency. Thus the relationship between the two is clear i.e. Data backup is a means of providing data security.

Thus if one can backup their important data then they are actually giving security to it. This can be accomplished with numerous devices like Hard Drives and Data Backup Tapes.

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