Role of RDX Tape in Single Server Backup

Data tapes are not dead; they can never be as long as a wide range of multiple backup tapes is available in the market. We emphasize a lot on other data storage technologies than tapes and if we talk about the utility of tapes then our focal point is always on LTOs. Why is it so? RDX tape is very powerful in features as it is fast, highly reliable and it also gels well with the small servers and businesses.

RDX Cartridge
RDX Cartridge

The characteristic properties of RDX which distinguish it apart are as follows:

  • RDX is available for every size of small server in the market. Its capacity varies from 320GB to 1TB
  • You do not need to replace RDX cartridge often which makes its total cost of ownership lower than other storage options
  • RDX tape is one such storage backup date which stores data at the speed of a hard drive and similarly, retrieve data faster by using USB 3.0 feature
  • RDX automatically backs up data via Continuous Data Protection – CDP. You can even drag and drop files from your windows or MAC OS
  • RDX tape is very helpful for the office staff in running backups as it does not require special skill or any other training staff
  • The archival life of RDX is 10 years which is appropriate when it comes to the data compliance in different industries. Further, it is very useful in offsite data storage
  •  Latest RDX tape is prone to less wear and tear comparatively. Moreover, its seal is more powerfully  dust proof
  • RDX is also a juggernaut in data tapes as its survival rate is 97% which is good enough to outperform other ordinary drives. RDX cartridge also has built in buffers which keep it from harsh treatment
  • RDX provides backward and forward compatibility which means once backed up data would stay with you for longer comparatively
  • RDX is meant to be for small servers as 500,000 companies today are using RDX cartridge very confidently in their businesses

Recapitulating, RDX tape is very powerful and fully feature-packed when it comes to the backup or data storage on small servers. If you are thinking of a viable storage solution for you small scale commercial business then RDX is your need of time and ODSI UK is your thing to consider.

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