Questions To Ask Before Big Data Security Analytics

Data security is an enormous challenge when you are dealing with the big data. One can also not deny the existence of various myths and fallacies that revolve around the big data security analytics; therefore, a checklist has been developed to address the common issues pertaining to the big data security analytics.

Big Data Security
Big Data Security
  1. What is big data? – Important for you to understand the gist and true meaning of it. Bear in mind three Vs velocity, variety and volume
  2. What is a security analytics? – you need to understand the intended definition of this mechanism in order to know its link and connection with the big data
  3. What is big data security analytics? – here you would bring the scattered pieces of your understanding together by joining the information of pointer 1 and 2
  4. Do you need Hadoop for security analytics on big data? – Hadoop thought-to-be an important constituent of big data but do you really need it for security analytics?
  5. Is big data security analytics good for historical data analysis only? – this will let you know what your expectations are about the security analytics on big data
  6. What about the SIEM? Are they considering big data security analytics? – if yes then what is the thing stopping you or have stopped you from opting out for it? Get to know your obstacles.
  7. Is it meant for big shots? Or any organization dealing with big data can opt out for it? – cost effective means will be identified right here
  8. How do I get started with it? – now is the time to break a leg, start over with the initial layout of your plan

The above pointers have been taken from an article about big data security analytics. You can refer to that for more in depth understanding of these self-explanatory pointers.

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