Power Management by Raritan’s iPDUs

Power Management by Raritan’s iPDUs


Server rooms and IT labs all around are approaching operational limit limits. Power assets are progressively obliged and the expense of vitality is spiraling crazy.

You have to know how much power you are utilizing, the amount is accessible and where you can enhance effectiveness. Raritan’s Intelligent Power Solution answers these inquiries through its three significant parts:


All of Raritan’s rack PDUs and inline meters offer you precise data with charging evaluation, ongoing KWh information, and in addition current, voltage, dynamic force and obvious force. Select the model that impeccably meets your particulars from the business’ widest selection:

  • Outlet Metered/Outlet Switched
  • Outlet Metered
  • Unit Metered/Outlet Switched
  • Unit Metered PDUs
  • Inline Meters

Also, Raritan’s new 802.11 a/b/g/n measures based Wi-Fi Solution remotely associate your iPDUs and sensors to your remote administration system. It spares the expense of Ethernet drops and the time and exertion of pulling links. Raritan fabricates in big business grade security, including Wap2 and AES encryption.

Environment Sensors

The capacity to track dampness, temperature, contact conclusion, pneumatic force and wind current is discriminating to proficient force administration. Sensors are used for tracking your IT resources.

Power Management Software

Raritan’s Power IQ® energy administration software offers seller freethinker brought together power checking with gimmicks like agentless, agile OS shutdown, outlet control and warm and vitality examination. It additionally gives KWh for every rack utilization and energy costs for every client, office or application, line loads for adjusting limits, rack delta temperatures and even carbon foot shaped impression.

Together, this recompense winning arrangement provides for you the data you have to:

  • know how much power you’re utilizing immediately
  • use the force you have all the more proficiently
  • improve server uptime and unwavering quality
  • allow higher rack densities
  • reduce

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