How to manually remove a LTO Cartridge from a LTO Tape Drive

There are certain cases where the LTO Ultrium Cartridge gets stuck inside the LTO Tape Drive. In this case you may have to manually remove the cartridge from the device. If you face this problem than follow the following steps to safely remove the LTO Ultrium cartridge from the LTO Tape drive.

Please note that this is a general method and if you are looking for greater detail or looking to remove a specific brand of LTO Ultrium cartridge than please consult the appropriate manufacturer.

tape removal from drive



1)      Tilt the drive on its side with its face towards you.


2)      There should be an access hold on the underside of the drive. Locate it and once you have, insert an appropriate wrench into the hole.


3)      Now open the door of the tape drive and locate the flag on the takeup reel of the drive.


4)      Once you have done all of this carefully rotate the wrench in a clockwise motion (NOT anticlockwise).


5)      Look at the flag of the takeup reel while rotating the wrench. If the flag moves with the wrench than there is nothing wrong with the tape and you can continue forward. However if you face any resistance or the flag does not move than an error has occurred. In such a case do not follow this guide and consult a detailed guide from the appropriate manufacturer of the tape drive.


6)      Keep on rotating the wrench until the tape is completely rewound. This can be a very lengthy process depending upon the position of the tape at the start.


7)      Now insert a screwdriver in another access hole located on the face of the drive facing you.


8)      With the screwdriver inserted into the access hole rotate the screwdriver in anticlockwise direction (NOT clockwise).


9)      If there is no resistance than the cartridge should automatically come out of the tape drive and into a fully ejected position. If this is not the case than some other error has occurred and you should consult the appropriate manufacturer.


10)  With the tape cartridge in fully ejected position simply remove the tape and you are done.


Hope this helped but once again in the event you face any problem or require a more detailed guide, consult your drive manufacturer.

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