IBM LTO-6 Data Cartridge – Why You Need It

IBM LTO-6 Data Cartridge – Why You Need It

LTO-6 Tape Cartridge
The IBM LTO-6 Data Cartridge is designed to help companies in fast data growth, ensuring business resilience and reliable access to data. This sixth generation of LTO tape media delivers 2.5TB (native) and 6.25TB (compressed) data storage capacity with even greater performance. Organisations now have more data to manage than before, with a need to preserve and protect their important data for long periods of time.  The IBM LTO-6 Ultrium tape media is the best choice. This LTO media technology features fast data transfer rate 400MB/sec, as well as advanced encryption capabilities and WORM functionality, that makes it suited for archival and backup applications requiring high security. All LTO-6 drives are compatible and provide the ability to read and write LTO-5 data cartridges and read LTO-4 generation data cartridges, helping to preserve media investments. Offering the LTFS (Linear Tape File System) tape format that was first introduced in the LTO 5 technology, it provides a file system view of the media, found in both rewriteable and write-once-read-many models. 30 years archival life time ensures security of data and reduces risks of data loss. It also offers 1024MB (full height models) and 512MB (half height models) cache buffer.

Key Features

  • Reduces the number of cartridges, amount of equipment and space.
  • Helps contain infrastructure costs
  • Drives storage efficiencies
  • Facilitates offline data storage for superior protection from natural threats
  • Enables data file search and retrieval using drag-and-drop techniques and directory tree structures
  • Reduces risk of data loss
  • Enhances data access and retrieval
  • Potentially reduces software licensing costs and dependencies for data retrieval from tape
  • Reduces data storage expenses risk by utilising standards-based tape technology
  • Compatible with LTO Ultrium 6 manufacturer’s tape drives


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