Future of Big Data – Dawn or Dusk?

Today I am reviewing an article in which Seagate shared its views about the future of Big Data and how prepared we are right now to handle that forthcoming time of humongous Data. So let’s start with the important pointers about the discussion at hand:

  • What’s the term Big Data? It means nothing and everything as Big Data is just a Data; though, it is more complex and personal in nature
    Future of Big Data
    Future of Big Data
  • We are part of a data generating community. 90% of Data has been generated during the last 2 years
  • This burgeoning generation of data has put up a pressure on the storage industry giants to come up with better technologies and capacities to preserve and handle the Big Data
  • We are going to enter into Zettabyte era soon says Cisco while estimating the amount to be 1.6 Zettabyte by 2017
  • The amount of digital data is going to be 6 Zettabyte by 2020 says Gary Gentry (SVP in charge of SSDs, Seagate)
  • If we look at the current investment pattern in the data storage industry then we are ill prepared to handle the future of Big Data Says Gary (Seagate)
  • Collective effort from industry is required to deal with the Big Data

“It’s going to take all companies and all industries investing heavily to stay up with that big data that’s in front of us,” Gary – Seagate (The Register)

With great data comes great risk (Modifying dialogue of Spiderman), the notion holds true in many cases and hence, collective efforts should be directed towards the future of Big Data. Now is the time to stop arguing over A vs. B technology for data storage because the future pertains to both A and B, be it data backup tapes, HDD, Flash, Cloud or others.

Further, the concerns of Seagate seems to be truthful due to the recently erupted air of blackouts faced by the industry giants Google, Amazon, Apple and Nasdaq during a 7 days span as pinpointed in the article “Impact of Big Data on industry Giants 2013 – Infographic”. This flash has stirred the question once again, Are we even prepared to handle the future of Big Data?

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