Factors to Consider when designing a new LAN

Factors to Consider when designing a new LAN

If you are a network consultant and you get a project from your customer to design his new office network as his existing network is outdated and is facing failures.  Well that’s a consultant’s dream!  I’m going to discuss some important factors that must be kept in mind while designing any new LAN.

Network Complexity

Routers and switches are the important component for any network, these are engineered with many features and functions. Thousands of commands are used to configure them. The first thing to consider when designing a new LAN is to decide how complex network will you design. First of all you should know about the IT expertise of your customer’s staff. If your customer’s staff is non-technical and cannot understand the configurations and functionality of network devices then the best way is not to design a complex network.


Ethernet Ports

Now days, 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports are installed in switches. If your customer  don’t need 10 Gigabit ports device then don’t advise them to use them, because it will be totally wastage of money. In many of companies where Fast Ethernet ports devices are deployed they are only running 5 to 10 % capacity of network but they have deployed extra capacity devices. Suggest your client only those devices which his network requires.

Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet is the latest technology in switches. By PoE available it is easy to install wireless LAN access point and to use IP telephones. As IP telephones draw electric power from the switch through Ethernet cable from the PoE port. And on the same Ethernet cable data transmission is done. Now a days the traditional PBX systems are found only in numbers, Now every industry is moving towards IP telephony. So do advice your customer to use PoE switches as they will require this feature if not now they must be in future.


While designing any network, standards must be followed. In a network you should use the devices  preferably of same vendor. As this will help you in configuring and troubleshooting the network. The use of multi-vendors equipment cause difficulties  in network during configurations.  Using same vendors equipment also is beneficial for keeping spares that will help for maintenance in future and they will not require expertise for every vendors equipment.

Network Management Tools

Network management tools should also be suggested to customer. These tools are only few software that will help your customer for back up of configurations of devices in the state of failure. If one of the device in network goes down then from the other device using these tools we may back up the down device configurations.

There are also many other factors to discuss, but for now I’m providing these tips. I hope these will help you all in designing networks.


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