Effects of Big Data on Fantasy Football – Jerry Rice Interview

Jerry Rice

Big data is one of the most discussed topics in the data storage industry today because it immensely affects lives of people. WSJ Digital recently had an interview of NFL Hall of famer and three time winner of super bowl Jerry Rice about big data and how is it affecting the fantasy football league. Let’s see what they have got to tell us.

How big data is changing fantasy football?

Well I think Intel is bringing the technology to you much quicker, much faster and a huge experience in fantasy football. Intel is behind the technology that delivers the real time stats to the fans and it is also powering the devices, the Intel’s ultra books that those fantasy football fans are using, so it’s a completely different ball game now because back in the day, when you played fantasy football it took you forever to bring up the stats and decided on the players you want to involve in. Well, today it is a society now and it is a lot faster, also it gives people an opportunity to feel like they are part of the game so it gives them instant gratification and I am happy to be teaming up with Intel and know, we are just gonna have great time.

Impact of Big Data on NFL
Impact of Big Data on NFL

How do you see the whole fantasy foot ball experience being changed by this advent of big data?

Well, you have the coaches using technologies now, multi-view cameras stuff like that, they can measure the tendencies of players and also, you know through fantasy football if a person/individual is having personal problems off the field and if he is having just distracted by so many different things that does not intent football then that might impact an individual drafting this person ain’t done whatever. Then there are field sensors that make the athletes to better perform. You look at other sports too, what happens in tennis you have sensors and also cameras that keep track of the trajectory of ball and you can be like a judge in a jury to decide if the ball hit the line or not and then you can have technology wearable  that can benefit the players, monitoring a heart it can tell them the distance they have run, they calories they have burnt and all of this, so there are so many advantages of big data right now.

Role of Big Data in NFL
Role of Big Data in NFL

Jim even having access to this data in fantasy foot ball players still can’t prevent you from making a bad pick you can still pick Tim Tebow as your quarter back right?

Yeah you can pick a player like that but you know you have all the information, all the data right in front of you and you know it will tell if he functions well in bad weather games if he doesn’t function well and like I said you can pick these individuals and they still have to be able to perform but you know, at least, you would have all the research, the data right there in front of you.

Jerry has it changed how you view the game?

You know it is totally a passing league now. It is much different because back in the day it was a more about bounce attack, you know running the football and throwing the football and if I think now, the thing is possibly they like to see the ball in the air they like to see touchdowns they like to see running back score test downs and gain yard less and all that and it’s the same thing for receivers so you know I compare this to the days of Mark McGuire  when they were hitting all the home runs and I think it completely saved the baseball and fans, they like to see a lot of action and that what they are seeing today.

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