Easy Mobile Printing with PrinterOn

Easy Mobile Printing with PrinterOn


PrinterOn is the industry’s first premier mobile printing solution. It was introduced by Samsung in 2001 facilitating business, education and public user types with mobile printing solutions. With PrinterOn, Samsung was the first company to develop a cloud printing solution using cloud technology to enable users to print documents and pictures from any laptop, smartphone, or tablet to any PrinterOn-enabled printer in the world.

The recent release of PrinterOn Express Edition was made on May 20, 2015 that facilitates mid-sized companies with the cost-effective solution for accessing secure and easy mobile printing.

PrinterOn’s Express Edition enables users to submit print documents from any internet connected device no matter which network they are on. The major benefit of PrinterOn Express Edition is that it simply gives customers freedom of printing from anywhere.

PrinterOn Express Edition offers five flexible printing options that suites different work styles. Users can submit documents for printing through the PrinterOn mobile application. For users working with emails, Express features the option to email a document straight to the printer. Web printing is another printing features of PrinterOn that allows users to upload a document from any laptop/PC, tablet or smartphone to a customized web portal.

PrinterOn has two more products also named Enterprise Edition and Hosted Edition. Users may select the appropriate edition for their use. Let’s have a look at the other two editions.

Enterprise Edition: PrinterOn Enterprise is specifically developed for those scenarios where large scalability, high security, and mission critical printing is required. This mobile printing edition solves the issues of multiple users with different device platforms and requiring the need to print to any printer on any network at local or remote enterprise locations.

Hosted Edition: PrinterOn Hosted Edition is developed for public printing locations that want to provide secure, simple mobile cloud printing to patrons, students, employees and guests. The quick deployment, ease of use and flexibility of the PrinterOn solution is what makes it such a great choice for businesses, libraries, hotels, schools and airport lounges.


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