Data Archiving Solutions – Always Beware of Your Choices

The data storage pundits know the importance of data archiving solutions and their role in the commercial storage environment. It is the data archive which keeps the data backup tapes from desuetude, as now, data tapes are more conveniently used for the data archiving purposes due to the multifarious cost-effective benefits associated with them and the revving up new advancements in other technologies. In addition, one can also not deny the role of data archive in data protection for a longer period of time followed by data backup. Further, data archiving is the concept to protect data for a longer lifetime so in times of disasters, it could be recovered up to a great hilt.

Data Archiving
Data Archiving

After having understood the critical nature of the data archiving role, we will now be discussing the important considerations that one should opt out for during the data archive process. Moreover, there are importantly 5 considerations for best data archive solutions as pointed out by Jay Livens and as should be followed by the respective industry people.

  • Data Archiving Scale Matters

The primary data of a company has been growing at a pace of 20%-40% per year. If this is the case then data archiving should also be revved up with the same pace so you could draw a fine line between management of your all kinds of data. Therefore, you should choose a system which can handle that much archiving of data; though the data archive process is painful, therefore, having a system which could taper of the number of archiving process could be considered as good. LTO6 tapes can be a good option for archiving of humongous data cost effectively.

  • Backup Strategy is Paramount

The analyst says that a company, who does not recover its data within 10 days of disaster, fades away from the business scene in moments. That is why; a good data backup strategy is of paramount importance in your archiving solution. Always be prepared with your DR strategies.

  • Compatibility between Infrastructure & Archiving Media is Inevitable

When you choose an archive media then it is necessary to check it for compatibility with your current storage infrastructure and system in order to be able to avoid anomalies in the forthcoming future.

  • Data Archive Tiering is in Vogue

Ask your solution provider if it has incorporated multiple storage medias for the data archiving purpose or not. Backup Tapes, especially lto6 tapes in lto category and dds-6 tapes, can be highly cost effective yet efficient solution for long run data archiving. So ask your vendor, if he has incorporated data backup tapes within the solution or not?. When it comes to UK data archive then you can always rely on ODSI for top storage and networking products at cost effective prices along with free instant delivery and quantity discounts.

  • Compliance – An Industrial Norm

You should bear in mind the rules and requirements of your respective industry during data archiving process because the compliance demand varies from industry to industry. There are many industries who now demand WORM enabled archiving of data and so on, so forth. Therefore, it is important to check for compliance before opting out for any archiving solution or media.

Recapitulating, as of now we should know that data backup tapes should be a necessary part of your archiving solution because they offer longer archival life, data protection compliance, consume lesser power, available cost effectively and gel-well with the concept of data archiving. Moreover, you can get the best of lto-6 tape, dds6 tape media, dds5 tapes, dds-4 tape, dds3 tapes and dds2 tapes from ODSI.

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