Importance of Data Archive for Corporate Sector

I have been indulged into lot discussions about data archive during the past few days. What I realized very profoundly was that “the needs, wants and nature of data archiving vary from one industry to another according to the sizes of organizations and according to the knowledge of authoritative decision making people within those organizations, whilst keeping other things constant”. In addition, another thing that I came across was the excessive use of backup tape media for data archive; primary reasons being put forth were advantages associated with data backup tape such as longer archival life, cost effectiveness, lesser power consumption and the latest LTO backup tape technology, to name a few.

Data Archive
Importance of Data Archive

Moreover, if we come towards the corporate sector specifically then there are three critical reasons for data archive:

Data Storage Cost Reduction

The first reason why data archiving is relevant in the industry is to reduce cost burdens which are generally triggered by primary data storage. In addition, the data has been growing tremendously over the recent years and so as the data storage. Further the primary data is comprised of 70% inactive data so if we move that data to some other inexpensive and reliable storage medium then the expense could be curtailed and that is why data archive is paramount part of an effective storage solution.

To Control Backup Windows

The second reason to archive data is to shrink your backup windows because when the data grow substantially then you will have to enhance your primary data backup capacities as well to stay at par with the SLAs. This simply means that you will have to spend money on the data backup system so you could be able to manage the growing amount of your data efficiently. Hence, the ultimate solution to cater this factor lies in the data archiving. Further, you do not access all of your data frequently so backup only that data which is primary and frequently accessed by you. In this way you could shrink your backup window as well.

Legal Compliance

Last important and critical reason to archive data is legal compliance because the industries are required to store data for quite a longer time period, as a result, the data archiving solution creeps in to cater this demand by the legal authorities.

After having gone through the critical reasons of data archiving; now it is understandable that why backup tape turns up as a lucrative option for data archive. Lastly, you can get the best of data backup tapes, hard drives and other storage & networking products from ODSI – Online Digital Solutions UK.


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