Cisco 3900 Series Routers

Cisco 3900 Series Routers

The Cisco 3900 ISR Generation 2 routers are the best in class in routers family. The modular architecture of these routers makes you meet the growing business needs. The Cisco 3900 series routers are featured with high performance processor and flexible expansion available, makes them customers need for small branch office networks and for large enterprise networks.

Cisco 3900 routers series includes Cisco 3925, Cisco 3925E, Cisco 3945 and Cisco 3945E routers in it. Hardware embedded in Cisco 3900 series routers makes accelerated voice, video, intrusion prevention, IOS firewall and application services.

The Cisco 3900 series router consist of following features which makes them most desired routers for high level business deployment.

Cisco 3900 series router front view
Cisco 3900 series router front view





Network Agility

These routers are designed according to business requirement of customer. The modular architecture of these routers makes them useable for the further expansion by using extra cards when extension required in business. The Cisco Services Performance Engine (SPE) designed motherboard makes them enabled for processing upgrading in future. Modular architecture of interfaces give the increased performance.

Investment Protection

The Cisco 3900 series routers have maximized investment protection of customers. The Services Performance Engine modular motherboard is flexible for expansion in future. WAN performance could be maximized upto 350 Mbps.

Modular Platform

The Cisco SPE on Cisco 3900 makes them able for increased performance of the router as your network needs to be expanded. These routers are powered with industry required LAN\WAN connectivity features that accommodates future upgrading without replacing board. The board is designed with extra slots to meet future needs.

Cisco 3900 series router board
Cisco 3900 series router motherboard









The Cisco 3900 series routers are powered with the high-speed performance processor that can meet high speed LAN\WAN connectivity demands in future.


Designed for flexible deployments

The Cisco 3925 and Cisco 3945 are designed to meet Network Equipment Building Systems deployment needs.

Integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports

The Cisco 3900 series routers are powered with Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports. Two of the 10\100\1000 WAN ports in these routers can also be used for Small Form Factor connectivity enabling fiber connectivity.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) based console access

USB ports are also designed in the hardware that supports connectivity when traditional serial ports face failure.

Power over Ethernet

The Power over Ethernet feature is powered in them that makes them pass electrical power and data over through same Ethernet cable. Devices like IP phones attached with routers could be fed electrical power through the same Ethernet wire.

VPN Hardware Acceleration

Embedded hardware acceleration is accelerated for providing higher scalability that enables VPN services and WAN links security.

Cisco 3900 series router back view
Cisco 3900 series router rear view





Energy Efficient

The Cisco 3900 series is powered with energy-saving features that makes them cost effective. These routers are best in intelligent power management that can control the power of the slots in different timing of the day automatically. Power supplies of higher efficiency are installed In them.

Services on Demand

The Universal image is installed in these routers which could be activated with license. You don’t need to download and install the new version of IOS image because the universal image is already installed on them. These routers are featured with larger memory size that makes them capable for more activities.

Services Integration

Cisco 3900 series routers offer high level of services integration with video, voice, mobility, security and data services.


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