Checklists for Data Backup Storage

There is a great trend of using various storage mediums for data backups. Mostly, people do not know which medium is most apt for them nor even, do they need to have data backups or not? To answer these questions, one should first check on the following essential points before arriving at any important decisions. This check list is considered imperative by keeping in mind the latest fads and fashions regarding data storage.

Checklist for Data Backup Storage
Checklist for Data Backup Storage


Let’s look at the check list to aid further comprehension:

Check List

  • Regular spot check for the on-site server data with the media tapes
  • Complete information of data preserved, and assurance of seamless and fast access
  • Regularly check the authorization list staff for data backups. Take measures to prevent transferred &     terminated staff in that area
  • Ensure robust security when receiving/handing-over the tapes
  • Prepare an electronic list of all incoming/outgoing tapes and send its copy to the storage partner
  • Streamline this entire process by implementing automated technology
  • Integration of bar code, creation of log system and track media through scanning
  • Minimum 2 employees should be provided complete rights for data backups
  • Plan for the inbound data outbound date separately
  • Verify the identification number and also take picture of the representative, before you hand over the company’s tape cartridges
  • Eject each tape cartridge carefully after completion of backup process, verify the tapes
  • Understand the tape backup life cycle and quality
  • Identify which data must be backed up and how much space required for storage
  • Check your system performance
  • Identify/define most business-critical data


After having done with the check list, you are in a better position now to decide upon an appropriate data storage media. Moreover, you can also visit ODSI in order to broaden your range of options as well as for getting further information about the products.

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