Checklist For Data Storage Management

Data storage and stored data management are two different and important tasks for your storage plan and infrastructure. Both of them are important constituents of your storage environment; hence, require special effort from your end.

Data Storage Management Checklist
Data Storage Management Checklist

Therefore, bear in mind below mentioned checks to address or devise any plan for the management of stored data:

  • Ask questions to your concerned people: What should be the data retention time? What our industry compliance rules say about data retention? Is the stored data secured? What should be the extent of data security? What should be the desirable data access time? How fast do you need to recover data if lost?

Click here to download PDF file of Data Storage Management Checklist

  • Choose that data storage platform which lets you combine your structured and unstructured data easily
  • If outsource your data storage management then ensure that third party strictly adhere to the concerned industry’s legal requirements
  • Devise a retention policy according to your data type: Hot data – Flash is preferred, Lukewarm data – Hard Drive is preferred, Cold data – Data Tape is best option
  • Look up for those data storage solution that provides you flexibility in on-site and off-site storage and access of data. Moreover, It should be optimized according to the device through which you want to have a peek at your data i.e. mobile, tablet etc
  • Choose your storage solutions by considering total cost of ownership and not by merely initial costs or discounts by the vendors/providers
  • Always use tiered storage approach and have a space for data tapes in your tiered storage strategy
  • Optimize your clouds according to the your data and storage infrastructure
  • Carefully choose your storage provider whether he is a vendor, turnkey solution provider, OEM, ODM etc. Make sure he knows what you want to do
  • Do not store all of your data. You need to know what is usable and not-again-usable data
  • Have slight redundancy in data storage of highly critical files but too much redundancy is not advisable
  • Secure your data inside-out, offsite and onsite, physically and virtually
  • Find out whether you need technologies like sharpshooting, cloning and deduplication or not?
  • Have an index or meta file of your stored data so you could find out which data is where in the hour of need
  • Have a data recovery plan and do test it not in once a while but intermittently

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Click here to download PDF file of Data Storage Management Checklist

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