Best Practices of Data Protection – Simplest way to Protect Your Data

Now a days, data is growing by leaps and bound globally as we read in multiple articles about big data and how the future is going to be in terms of the heaps of data as well as the data backup and data protection. As Cisco says that big data is going to be 1 Zettabyte by 2017 whilst Seagate says, it would be as big as 6 Zettabyte by 2020. So here the question arises, if we have to deal with this much amount of potential big data then how come we ensure and manage the protection of data?

Best Practices of Data Protection
Best Practices of Data Protection

The resort to this question lies within us; if we, as an individual, take the responsibility and start protecting our simple yet important data by adhering to the best practices of the industry then we surely are ready to deal with the future of big data and the data protection.

Now let’s look at the best practices of data protection for your personal computer:

  1. Firstly, you need to protect your computer by protecting it through passwords. If there are multiple users of your computer then you should set up a separate account for yourself on your computing device
  2. Antivirus software and updates from your OS are very crucial for you device, how? Antivirus keeps the virus from entering into your computer and eventually, in your hard disk. If your hard disk got crashed due to the virus then all your data is gone. Secondly, updates from your OS often figure out the suspicious activities going on in your computer due to cookies and hence, starts the resort accordingly to this problem. That is why it is always advised to keep your OS updated
  3. Keep you important files and emails password protected and do not tell that password to any other person who has authoritatively nothing to do with that file.
    Data protection in Computer Files
    Data protection in Computer Files
  4. Take routine data backups – make it a habit, no matter how indolent you are; always bear in mind that backup is of paramount importance for the data protection
  5. Always backup your important useful data onsite as well as off site. If you are using a portion of hard disk for the onsite data backup then you should choose between data tapes and cloud for the offsite backup. As a final say, I would suggest to go with the data tapes because they can keep your data protected from the hackers and online thieves of data. So to be on the safe side, data tapes are good cost effective option for the offsite data backup.

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