Benefits of the LTO 6 Data Backup Tapes


Technological advancements in many different products, is quite common today with new versions and generations of products being released faster and faster. This is no different in the data storage market. The Linear Tape Open (LTO Tape) technology took another step forward with the introduction of the LTO Ultrium 6 also known as the LTO 6 Data Tape in late 2012. This new device offers much better performance, higher storage capacity, faster data transfer rates and a number of other features and benefits that set it apart from its predecessor the LTO 5 Data Tape.


Key Features

The LTO 6 Tape drive possesses a number of striking features that sets it apart from other tape storage media and other generations of the Linear Tape Open technology. Here is a look at the key features of this tape drive:

  • 2.5 TB Storage Capacity
  • 160 MB/s Data Transfer Speed
  • 2.5:1 Compression Ratio
  • 16 KB Cartridge Memory
  • 4 Partition Capability
  • W.O.R.M Feature
  • Encryption Capability
  • Supports LTFS
  • 30 Years Archival Life


Benefits for Organisations

Having taken a look at the key features provided by the LTO 6 Data Backup Tapes, let us consider the benefits for data centres and other organisations in adopting this tape drive.

Cost not a problem

The best benefit for various organisations is the cost saving that the tape provides. This is because the LTO 6 Data Tapes possess such a large storage capacity that the number of tapes required by a company is drastically reduced. In fact the larger compression ratio offered by the tape drive allows for even larger storage capacity as long as the data is in compressed format. Looking at this from another angle is that the LTO 6 Data Tape is a much better and cost efficient backup solution as it offers a good balance between cost and storage capacity.

Time saved to be used Elsewhere

Another big benefit for organisations is the time saved in transferring data from computer systems to the data tape. This is due to the tape providing the fastest transfer speed of 160 MB/s. The extra cartridge memory also enables the use of complicated transfers and commands in a short amount of time.

Compatibility for Easy Upgrade of Devices

All generations of the LTO Data Tape technology are compatible with one another. In general the LTO 6 Data Backup Tape is read compatible with both the LTO 5 and LTO 4 Tape drives and is write compatible with the LTO 5 Tape drive. This compatibility allows organisations using an older generation of the technology to easily upgrade to a brand new generation. Thus organisations in position of the LTO 4 or LTO 5 tapes can benefit from easy conversion to the LTO 6 Tape drive.

High Tech Security for your Data

The LTO 6 Tape drive offers state of the art encryption capability for businesses to protect their sensitive information from hackers, viruses and other malicious software. Also the W.O.R.M (Write Once Read Many) feature protects an organisation’s critical data from being accidentally deleted and overwritten.

User Friendly and Easy to Use

The LTO 6 drive gives organisation an ease of use, previously unseen in the data storage industry. The device supports the LTFS (Linear Tape File System) which makes it easier for companies to use the data tape. This is because simple drag and drop commands can now be implemented and companies can use the device like they would use any other USB or flash drive.

Durability for a Long Life

The LTO 6 Tape drive offers unmatched durability and can store data for long periods of time making it the perfect device for archiving purposes. The large archival life of nearly 30 years as well as a robust and durable design makes the LTO 6 an efficient archival device for many companies.

Numerous Brands Available

Some companies prefer to use products from a selected brand only. This is another benefit of the LTO 6 Tape drive as it is available in all the leading brands including HP, Sony, Maxell, Quantum, IBM, Fuji and Imation.



The LTO 6 Backup Tape Cartridges are high quality storage devices offering unmatched performance and some attractive advantages to businesses of all sizes whether they are small data centres or large multinational corporations.

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