5 Reasons why Backup Tapes are superior to Hard Disks for long term Data Storage

5 Reasons why Backup Tapes are superior to Hard Disks for long term Data Storage

Thought that Hard Disks are the best data backup solution? If your answer is yes than you cannot be more wrong. True Hard Disks are a convenient way to backup your important data, but they are not a viable long term backup solution. On the other hand Data Backup Tapes are a reliable,secure and cost effective long term data backup solution. Here are 5 reasons why you should prefer data tapes over hard disks for long term storage.

The image shows both tapes and disks which are used as a data storage medium.

1)    Transfer Speed

Yes it takes some time to find the specific data on the tape but when it is, the data can be transferred at an unbelievably fast rate. In fact the data transfer speed is at least 4 times quicker compared to hard disks.

2)     Reliability

When it comes to reliability, backup tapes such as the LTO Ultrium and the DDS Tapes are better than hard disks. This is because when hard disks are damaged, the entire data is lost but when backup tapes are damaged only a part of the data is lost. Thus in the case of a 500 GB device for both, in the case of the hard disk the loss will be the entire 500 GB while for the tapes it would be just a few hundred MB.

3)    Preservation of Data

Tapes do not require any power to actually preserve the data. On the other hand hard disks must be stopped regularly thus increasing the chances of it failing.

4)    Security

Tapes like the LTO-5 Data Backup Tape possess security features that surpass hard disks. Hackers and other viruses will be hard pressed to damage the data secured in tapes than the data stored in hard disks.

5)    Durability

Tapes are more durable than hard disks for long term storage. The hard disks are more likely to be damaged and fail sooner than tapes. A tape has an average archival life of 30 years nearly 20 years more than hard disks.

On should not think that hard disks are an unreliable data storage means. They are easy to use and provide more than enough storage capacity. However for long term storage it is better to stick with the backup tapes.

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