5 Data Backup Tape Technologies in the Market Today

5 Data Backup Tape Technologies in the Market Today

The data storage industry is an ever growing industry filled with all manner of technologies specifically designed to help consumers and businesses safely store their important data. Among all these storage devices are the most popular devices which have been used for backup for a few decades now. Yes these are the Data Backup Tapes. Below is a list of the different Data Backup Tapes available in the market.

1. Linear Tape Open Technology (LTO Ultrium)

First we have the LTO Data Backup Tapes also known as the LTO Ultrium Tapes. Released at the turn of the new millennium this storage format has become the most popular storage format due to its large storage capacity, fast transfer speed, good security and superior performance. It currently has 6 generations and there are plans for a 7th and 8th generation to be released in the coming years. This format s manufactured by some of the leading brands in the industry today including HP, Sony, Quantum and Maxell.

2. Digital Data Storage Technology

The DDS Data Backup Tapes are another popular backup media that have been in the market for a considerable length of time. Although they do not possess the same storage capacities and transfer speeds as the LTO format, the DDS tapes prove to be a good backup solution for small businesses and companies. This format has 7 generations spanning nearly 2 decades and is manufactured by industry leaders like HP, Maxell and Sony.

3. Advanced Intelligent Tape Technology

Although this format has been discontinued by Sony, there are still AIT Data Tapes available in the market with good features and affordable prices. These tapes are primarily used by small companies and organisations due to their limited storage capability.

4. Digital Linear Tape Technology

Previously called the Compac Tape, the DLT Data Backup Tapes were developed by DEC way back in 1984. There are many different versions of this format available in the market with varying specifications to cater for diverse customers and situations. Currently the format is under the supervision of Quantum.

5. RDX Cartridges

One thing that can be said about the RDX Cartridges is that they are catered for use by small, medium and even large corporations. They possess fast transfer speeds and large data storage capacities to satisfy the needs of most companies.

This was an overview of these popular 5 Data Backup Tape technologies which have helped shape the data storage industry to what it is today.

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