10 Data Security Breaches you must know about

10 Data Security Breaches you must know about

Often no matter how hard we try to secure our data from attack some virus or hacker manages to worm its way through our defences and cause great harm to the company and business. Such cases have been common over the past few years. Here are 10 of such breaches that you must be aware of as they highlight the importance of not only data security but Data Backup as well.


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1)      Sony PlayStation Network Breach

This attack on the popular gaming network led to the exposure of sensitive information of nearly 75 million user accounts. Personal details like names, emails, passwords and other information were leaked as a result.

2)      Twitter Breach

In early February of 2013 the popular social site Twitter was hacked and resulted in numerous users having had their usernames, email addresses and passwords being disclosed.

3)      New York Times Breach

The popular newspaper office was also hacked and resulted in the valuable information of all Times employees being exposed. The hacker was said to be a pro.

4)      Epsilon Breach

The Epsilon breach resulted in the exposure of millions of emails of regular customers of nearly 100 retail stores. Not only that but numerous financial firms had their data stolen as well.

5)      Evernote Breach

The popular mobile data storage firm was infiltrated despite tight security and the passwords of a large number of users were leaked.

6)      Breach of Silicon Valley Companies

Many companies residing in Silicon Valley including Google suffered from a serious cyber attack. This attack allegedly by Chinese hackers resulted in stolen intellectual property for all of these companies.

7)      Breach of Washington State Court System

Yes even a government agency suffered from a data breach. This breach resulted in the exposure of nearly 150,000 Social Security numbers.

8)      Monster.com Breach

The popular recruitment site suffered from an attack by hackers that stole the details of a large number of job seekers.

9)      Facebook Breach

You all must use Facebook every day. What you might not know is that in June 2013 a security breach occurred which resulted in the disclosure of email addresses and telephone numbers of nearly 6 million users.

10)  Breach of Heartland Payment Solution

Lastly an attack on this prestigious company resulted in the stealing of over 100 million credit cards. This serious attack resulted in the loss of millions of dollars and set many people back a lot.

These were just 10 instances of Data Security Breaches. In truth there are so many more and as such every company should not compromise on data security.

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